Happy Birthday Meryl!

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long everybody - It’s been a crazy busy year.

I hope the Streepers out there aren’t having any problems celebrating today!!

Love you Meryl!


Happy Meryl Streep Day!

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SAME TO YOU! Having my own Meryl Movie Marathon right now. Watching Falling in Love!

What are you doing to celebrate Meryl Streep Day?

nymphet-innocence said: hey! :D i think your blog is aaaawesome, its actually in my faves page! but i just wanted to make a little suggestion: how about putting a happier theme? this one is a bit serious and meryl is all about fun! just saying... i hope you dont get mad at me :) your blog is amazing, i just think it can be even better! xo! (:

I could never be mad at a fellow streeper! :) Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll work on it. I will admit to knowing absolutely nothing about making my own original theme, I just use the ones tumblr provides. So any other suggestions on how to make a more, shall we say, inviting (?) theme are more than welcome.